Gift card

We are delighted to introduce our Gift Card: The perfect Gift for an Unforgettable Experience!


Are you looking for the perfect gift, the one capable of offering a unique and unforgettable experience? We are pleased to present you our exclusive Gift Card, the entry ticket to a world of well-being, relaxation and the pleasure of a brunch or aperitif with tasty appetizers. Purchasable for our Boutique hotel, this Gift Card is the ideal solution to amaze your sweetheart, friend or relative, offering a wide range of luxury services even if you are not staying in the hotel.

Gift Card Details:

Our Gift Card gives you access to a world of exclusive services.

Whoever receives it will be able to choose between:

– a stay in the hotel, taking advantage of the day use rooms or the overnight stay room with the delicious breakfast;

– access to our wellness center, where you can relax thanks to the two-hour wellness program, massages and the innovative Zero Body Dry Floating Experience.

– delicious breakfast even if you don’t stay in the hotel.

– the Casual Bar, where aperitifs and any Happy Hours are served in a unique and relaxing environment.

How does it work:

The Gift Card is valid for one year from purchase and must be used only once. This means that the beneficiary will have to use the services included in the Gift card on a single occasion. In the event that the value of the Gift Card is not sufficient to cover the entire cost of the chosen services, the beneficiary can simply pay the difference. However, if the value of the Gift card is greater than the cost of the services used, the difference will not be refunded.


Don’t miss the opportunity to give an experience of pure relaxation and well-being with our Gift Card. A break from the daily routine, a moment of escape and care for the body and mind, all in an elegant and refined environment . Buy your Gift Card now and make a loved one happy!

Important Information: For more information and details of the terms and conditions of the Gift Card, we invite you to contact our hotel directly.

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    and we reward you!

    For everyone

    • Best price guaranteed
    • Welcome glass of Franciacorta
    • Homemade cookies for the return trip

    For some rooms (by type)

    • Open frigobar
    • Free garage
    • Bottle of Franciacorta